We are very excited to be a part of the ACECQA Quality Support program! The Program offers professional development and support, which includes face-to-face visits, online training modules, workshops, follow-up online and telephone support and other resources to support quality improvement.

As we look towards celebrating our 12 month anniversary as My Story, we have been reflecting a lot on all the improvements in the physical spaces, educational program, health and safety and service management. We are really hoping to be granted the opportunity to have the hard work of our team and families formally acknowledged in My Story’s first Assessment and Rating process sometime soon!

What Next: Hold a management team meeting (Anna, Chloe, Rick, Will, Narges, Natasha) to collaborate on a self-assmement process as a foundation for tailoring the professional development program.

Quality Areas: 7.2, 7.2.1,


Our Preschool children have started a long-term project propagating succulents in our foyer! The project will help our children learn about what plants need to thrive, but also act as a metaphor to stimulate learning and discussions around sustainability, responsibility and patience. Thank you for all your help today children!


Our Educational Leader (Narges) and Preschool educator (Paris) took themselves into Chatswood last night to attend a workshop hosted by Munch N Move. Munch & Move is NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth to 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time. The workshop attended by our educators focused on the development of a set of Fundamental Movement Skills that lay the foundations for team sports later in life.

What Next: The educators are developing a play-based program that aims to introduce and focus on a specific fundamental movement skill each week. This learning will be shared with families through StoryPark and a display on the front door of the rooms.

Quality Areas: 2.1.3

At My story, it’s important for us to ensure we are constantly finding ways to build relationships and engage with our community. We are also passionate about supporting the Educational Program through collaboration with experts in their fields. We were very excited to be able to host Ashley from Smart Dental to educate our children about the importance of oral hygiene. The children interacted so enthusiastically – sharing their knowledge about healthy foods and tooth-brushing techniques.

What Next: Invite ‘Healthy Harold’ to our Centre to continue and extend the children’s learning about self-help skills and wellbeing.

Quality Area:6.2

Anna and I really think we are getting a ‘feel’ for the community now; making lots of connections with small businesses and young families. We’ve identified an ongoing confusion some families have regarding ‘Preschool’ vs ‘Long Daycare with a Preschool program’. Obviously we think we have the edge here! All the advantages of a Preschool without the inconvenient hours and having to pack a lunch! We are a little biased of course…

We are starting a suite of projects focusing on clearing up this confusion in the community and clearly articulating our service.

You may notice some marketing/displays reflecting this project.

We are also building a clear ‘My School Preschool’ framework that is informed and underpinned by the NSW curriculum. This is a collaborative process between Anna and I, our Educational Leader /Preschool Teacher (Narges) and all educators at the Centre. Please let me know if you have any ideas regarding school readiness and transition to school and we will try to incorporate them.

What Next: Display and implementation of the My Story Preschool Framework

Quality Area 1.1, 7.1

We are very proud to have facilitated various activities and experiences to shine a light on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture during this week – on top of the embedded Indigenous perspectives that we incorporate into our weekly curriculum. Here are some wonderful pics from the week. There are so many others to share, however we have kept them on our private educational platform to respect the privacy of the children.














We have consulted with the Aboriginal community regarding how to navigate the challenges of cultural appropriation and tokenism and endeavour to constantly improve the way in which we are educating our next generation about the First Nations.

Later in the year we will be engaging our educators in some quality professional development and resource purchasing through the Koori Curriculum program.

Quality Areas 1.1.2

From July 2 there are massive changes to the way we report, calculate and pay Subsidies for Childcare. If you haven’t already, please log onto MyGov and fill out your assessments so that you don’t experience any delay in receiving your subsides in the new financial year.

Anna and I saw an opportunity to share the word with the community through the local magazine! Thank you Paris and Aiden for being the ‘poster child/educator’ for My Story!

We are very proud to publish our first every Newsletter!

The My Story Newsletter will be published fortnight, and include include information such as:

  • Important dates
  • Administrative news
  • ‘From the Directors’
  • Vacancy information
  • Updates on our ongoing projects
  • News from the sector

It is important to us that respectful and supportive relationships with families are maintained, and that current information about the service is available at all times.

Quality Areas: 6.1

We are making wonderful headway in our Sustainability Quality Improvement Plan that was devised with the Preschool children. One of our aims is to reduce paper usage in the Centre. To this end, we have decided to go ‘single-use paper free’ in our spaces. So, for craft, drawing, and literacy activities we will be using clear sides of ‘once-used’ paper. We are encouraging families who notice wastage in their workplaces to bring in paper for our donation box! Thank you My Story families for your continuing support! We look forward to recycling becoming second nature to our precious next generation.

What Next: Consider the possibility of reducing single-use paper towels with a substitute.

Quality Areas: 3.3.1