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Experiential Early Learning

Our Preschool 2 Room

Our Preschool Early Childhood teacher/Educational Leader is extremely passionate about giving each child the opportunity to reach their potential and have a smooth transition to Kindergarten. She is constantly reflecting on practice and research new theory in order to provide a high quality school readiness program at our centre which supports the Early Years Learning Framework and the NSW Early Stage 1 Syllabus.

Our Preschoolers engage in their Program each day – covering many wonderful learning topics. Some of the topics could include:

  • Building resilience and positive relationships;
  • Exploring diversity, inclusion and social justice;
  • Learning about concepts which relate to literacy, mathematics and scientific thinking;
  • Phonics programs;
  • News sharing experiences that help develop children’s talking and listening skills. These experiences also allow children to contribute ideas for our programs;
  • Sustainability projects that encourage children to be active members in caring for the environment;
  • Physical activities that support children in developing fundamental movement skills.
  • Fine motor activities which prepare children for starting school (e.g. opening containers, using scissors, holding drawing materials using the correct grip etc);
  • Encouraging children’s independence and responsibility (for example, encouraging children to look after their belongings, independently dress themselves, class helper roles which encourage all children to be accountable in looking after their learning and play environment etc).

The foundation of our program is based on the intersection of a child’s stage of development and their current interests. Our educators work with the children when implementing the Preschool Program in order to allow each child to lead and explore their interests.

“BECOMING a lifelong learner”