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Experiential Early Learning

Our Vision

My Story recognises the importance of collaborative partnerships with children and families. It is through these relationships we can provide the continuity of learning experience, confidence and resilience of character necessary for children to become researchers in their own learning. Our commitment to continuous professional improvement drives the provision of holistic, exciting and innovative learning programs influenced by current theory and pedagogy.

“Families Supporting Families”

My Story is owned and directed by two families. We understand you. We are you. Like you, we juggle careers, young children, relationships, family life, domestic responsibilities, financial planning… all on top of limited sleep!!

Like you, we look for empathy, flexibility, understanding and personalised care in the services we engage and that’s why you will receive the same attention at My Story. We believe our community of care will become invaluable to you, your child – indeed your whole family – because it is the care and support we depend upon ourselves. We believe such a fabric of mutual support is a unique experience that you will not find in centres run by investors.

  • Anna is so accepting of our routines and believes in giving kids a home away from home. Her relationship with her staff makes them deliver to their best ability.

    Nidhi Raj -
  • We absolutely love My Story! We feel so fortunate to have our son cared for and educated by Anna, Chloe and the team there.

    Sarah -
  • My Story is like a second home for our children, where they are gently nurtured by the kindest educators through their early years.

    Shalini -
  • The unconditional care and love that both Anna, Chloe and the team at My Story provides to the children is truely amazing. I highly recommend My Story, by far the best childcare centre in The Hills.

  • “Being part of the MyStory community means an exceptional education, long-lasting life lessons and genuine support and care for all of us, way beyond the ‘daycare duty!’

  • “My Story is an incredible place with very supportive educators. Our daughter enjoys the creative learning and friendships she has made. Thanks so much Anna and Chloe.”

  • “My Story is a beautiful centre with the kindest, most supportive and nurturing staff.  You are always greeted with a smile and the Directors, Anna and Chloe are always accommodating and welcoming.  The centre has a lovely “family” vibe and the facilities are fantastic.”

    Kelly -
  • “We are so happy to have our daughter at My Story Experiential Early Learning. The Educators and Directors/Owners of the Centre are fantastic!  It is a very welcoming, friendly and positive centre.  I love that it is located in a natural bush setting so the children can experience the outdoors. I would highly recommend this Centre”.

  • “As a mum of three children I can honestly say that My Story is the best daycare that I have experienced. The Directors and staff are all caring, hands-on and child focused. The centre has great family friendly policies (such as swap and makeup days and date night evenings). I love that when I come into the centre […]

  • “Enrolling into My Story has been the best decision for our family and especially our child. My two year old LOVES going to My Story, and this is a testament to the educators, environment and programs they run. The educators are all so lovely, communication is fantastic and it’s such a welcoming environment”

    Carrie -
  • “The staff at My Story are so warm and empathetic and really have gone above and beyond to bond with and support my son! They’ve welcomed his physiotherapist for an education session and implement his therapy program during the day.  What really sets My Story apart is the community feel that it has – It […]



Anna Tran ProfileIf someone told me twenty years ago that I’d be teaching young children and managing an education and care service, I would have said, “You need to clean that crystal ball! “.

Back then, I was working for one of the four major banks as a personal lending officer. There was no sign of studying until after 8 years with the bank and having my second child. At this point, I decided that it was time for a career change but the question was, ‘what was I good at and how could I give back to the community’?

What eventually influenced my decision to study in Early Childhood Education was from my own experience of early transitions to new environments.  I arrived in Australia from Vietnam when I was 5 years old.  I remember this was a very exciting but also terrifying time in my life. A child integrating into a new country is very much like a child transitioning to a new education and care service. There were new faces, rules, food and even how different people dressed. Change is hard and even more so when you are away from your family. It is for this reason that I am fortunate to be working with Chloe in a role that supports young children. We believe their very first experiences of change can create spaces in which children feel a sense of belonging and community.

Fast forward to today, I have four children, James 22, Emma 12, Cohen 3 and Ruben 1 years old. I know what you’re thinking … huge gaps! Also, I can not forget my fabulous husband Will, who has a great love for gardening and is very excited to inspire our outdoor spaces. We can’t wait for the opportunity to meet all the children and families and to share this journey with you.

With a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in the Workplace and several leadership roles in the Education and Care sector, I think I might need to ask that crystal ball another question!


Chloe Chant ProfileI didn’t come to ECEC until after my daughter, Sophie, was born. Previously I had worked as an event planner and as the National Education Coordinator for the Tax Institute. It was only after a few months at home with this beautiful little baby that I realised that my skills and attributes all coalesced in a way perfect for a career in Early Learning.

I studied at TAFE while at home with Sophie, gained my Certificate and Diploma and went on to work for a large ECEC company for several years. I worked as Educational Leader, a role focussed on providing mentoring, innovation and inspiration to educators to improve their curriculum provision. I worked alongside Anna and we came to understand we had a similar ambition – to have the autonomy to be able to provide high quality early learning experiences for children that are reflective of, and responsive to, the latest research. Pretty soon, we were able to see that the huge bureaucracy of large companies makes it very difficult to catch hold of these opportunities and neither of us felt like ‘missing the boat’. So, we began our own journey of creating an early learning service that provides genuine and authentic learning suitable for the world we live in and the children for whom we care.

On a personal note, I am the mother of my 5yo daughter, Sophie, and my 12yo stepdaughter, Alex. I understand the unique (but not uncommon) challenges of bringing up children between households and negotiating the roles of both parent and stepparent.
I am originally from Adelaide and so all my extended family still live in SA. I miss the support my Mum and Dad, brother and sister could have offered me while bringing up my children. Although they are always at the other end of the phone/skype call, I would love to be able to pop round for a cup of tea (or wine!) or enjoy a spontaneous night out with my husband without worrying about finding baby-sitting!
I look forward to meeting you and working together to ensure the holistic well-being of your child in these beautiful (and challenging!) early years.

Our Philosophy

At My Story we are interested in the quality of the early learning experience. In fact, we believe implicitly in the primacy of experience. What your son or daughter can see and think and do for themselves and in association with others in their time with us really matters. It’s what they’ll take away with them and build on for the future.

We take time to construct rich and varied experiences that stimulate and encourage the intellectual, social, physical and psychological development of your child – and always in the context of an environment that is fun, supportive and suited to their needs.

It is our hope at My Story that the quality of this experience will inspire your child to seek out new learning experiences for themselves and build the kind of confidence they need to become life-long learners. We like to think of this as a “virtuous circle” like the one above – an easy to understand theory of learning that begins first of all with what we believe in – quality experience.


Each child in our service is capable, curious and full of potential.

Children bring their unique background to our service; their cultural, linguistic, religious, ethnic, spiritual and sociological influences are to be considered and embraced.

Families are the primary educator and influence in the lives of the children at My Story. We believe that fostering respectful and reciprocal relationships with families is vital for meaningful collaboration and the realisation of our mutual goals.

What is Experiential
'Experiential' Early Learning


Educators at My Story have found their way to our service out of love for children, an academic interest in child development and a passion for education.

Our educators come to the service with their own unique backgrounds, strengths and interests. The diversity of our team is an asset in allowing children to reach their full potential.

Educators at My Story are committed to life-long learning. Through sharing of experience, mentoring, structured professional development and facilitated discussions, we are constantly updating our skills and accessing new research and theory.

A culture of critical reflection is embedded in the educators at our service. Honest, authentic and effective reflection ensures that we are constantly challenging ourselves in the pursuit of best practice.

Our Learning Environment

My Story embraces a play-based learning philosophy. We honour a child’s right to play as both a process in itself but also a powerful context for learning.

The Key Educator Approach is embedded in our service as a means of fostering strong and secure emotional attachments with children. It provides a sense of belonging for children and families alike.

Our anti-bias approach enables us to empower our children with knowledge of social justice, equity, communal responsibility, empathy and fairness. The physical and emotional environments at the My Story service support inclusion for all children, educators and families. Our physical environments scaffold learning for children through diverse and exciting mediums and offer interaction with both technology and the natural environment.

Care and consideration is taken at My Story to ensure that the emotional and physical environment is conducive to happy and successful learning. Visual displays, levels of consistency and predictability as well as tone in verbal and non-verbal communication are considered deliberately according to the evolving needs of the children.


My Story aspires to be a champion of community involvement.

Our involvement in the community provides context and influences the educational program and practices at our service.

Community spirit and awareness of the world around us allow us to celebrate the diversity of the Hills District and foster a sense of being, belonging and becoming in our children.

As a service, we understand our internal strengths but know we grow stronger by forging evermore effective links with our community. In order to provide holistic support for the children and families in our care, we engage with relevant community organisations in the local area and strive to become more and more integrated with the hopes and aspirations of the people we serve.

We advocate for change in our community that is supportive of the health and well-being of our children and their families.