We have sourced A LOT of new furniture to improve the aesthetics and function of the learning environments. It was important to us to choose natural colours and ensure that the furniture is safe, study, stimulating and appropriate for the age group.

We have a wonderful support network of friends and family helping us to put this together and arrange the rooms this weekend. Hoping to avoid too many Allen Key blisters!!

We can’t wait to see the look on the children’s faces!

What Next: Clean and reinvigorate the Art Room Space.


Quality Area: 3.1.2

We have sent out a brief survey to families to gauge feedback regarding the initial changes to the centre and the priorities for families in areas of physical environment, staffing, affordability and program. We intend to send an updated survey out quarterly so that we can add this ‘hard’ data to our casual conversations to build a picture of the wants and needs of the My Story community. We look forward to seeing your suggestions/comments, and being as responsive to them as possible.

What Next: Analyse data to inform a quarterly financial plan.

Quality Area: 6.1.2, 6.2.1

This weekend the Tran/Wright/Chants focussed on improving the bathroom area for the seniors children. We repaired and painted walls, changed light fittings, replaced the toilets and scrubbed the floors. Bathrooms are an area all-too-often forgotten in an ELC, but we believe it is important to maintain the dignity of the children at all times, especially during toilet training and the first understandings of privacy.

What Next: Improve the Nursery Bathroom area.

Quality Area: 5.2.3