Flying our Flags

As we continue to address actions we have committed to in our Reconciliation Action Plan, we are overjoyed to overhear new conversations peer-to-peer, peer-to-educator and even educator-to-educator.

We recently erected Australia’s three significant flags in our front foyer; the Aboriginal Flag, Australian Flag and Torres Strait Islander Flag. Many of the Preschool children were intrigued, chatting amongst themselves regarding their knowledge of Australia’s first peoples. I’ve noticed that while several children could recognise the Aboriginal Flag, many children were unaware of the Torres Strait Islander Flag. This gives us a great place to start in our new ‘World Around Us’ section in our weekly room curriculum plans.

We’ve also gained some advice from a Local Aboriginal Elder about the differences between Nations, Bands, Clans and People, and have used this information to form a new Acknowledgement of Country to grace our foyer.

What Next: Work with some Local Aboriginal Elders to devise a culturally and locally relevant ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ song for the children to sign in the mornings.

Quality Areas: 1.1.1, 6.3.4

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