Nesting Boxes

Following on from the ‘Sustainability Audit’ that our Preschool children completed, we are working through the tasks on our Sustainability Quality Improvement Plan.

At My Story we are very lucky to be backing onto beautiful, peaceful bushland. I (Chloe) love sitting out in the back yard listening to the bell birds, and spotting flashes of colours between the trees.

In order to encourage native birds into our yard, we have purchased some native bird nesting boxes. I’ve made one up, now just two to go! They will be placed in the yard and become part of the cycle of observation, research and reflection for our young learners.

What Next: Research the possibility of planting some fruit trees in our yard spaces to encourage a sharing of our space with birds, bees and other animals.

Quality Areas: 3.2.1, 3.3.2

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