Our Rooms

Responding to the unique needs of each age group and each individual child.


“A sense of BELONGING”


“Embracing the joy of BEING”

Preschool 1

“A sense of identity and capability”

Preschool 2

“BECOMING a lifelong learner”

Our Other Spaces

At My Story Dural, we believe that the physical environments we provide scaffold a child’s learning and wellbeing by stimulating a sense of belonging, and encouraging and sense of curiosity.

Our Dining Room

There aren’t many childcare services that enjoy a joint kitchen and dining room, separate from the learning areas! While they are physically ‘separated’, it is our belief that important social and well-being skills are achieved in this space. Children have the chance to watch and be involved in cooking, learn life skills around setting tables, and associate mealtimes with socialising, discussing different foods and relaxation – rather than it be a routine task divorced from the production process.

Our Library

Please continue to ‘watch this space’! My Story Dural is undertaking a major renovation in a section of the foyer to install a beautiful library! The library will be a quiet and comfortable place for parents to help their child transition for the day. It will provide the children with books to borrow on every topic you could think of! From planes and trains to empathy and sustainability. There will also be resources available to assist parents in navigating this critical (and challenging) time.

Our Art Room

We are so fortunate to have a dedicated art space in our service. Expression through art enriches children’s inventiveness, cultural awareness, language development, visual learning skills – we could go on. While we are already proud of having this dedicated space, this is another area to watch! We are looking forward to a large renovation mid-2018 to include some amazing new resources and inspirational spaces.

Quiet Areas

At My Story, we understand that it’s the opportunity for good rest during these early years that assists children in engaging fully with our program, and being calm enough to withstand the dinner/bed/bath routine at home! We have the luxury of fully supervised separate sleep areas so that children feel safe, supported and relaxed during their rest times.

Our Fees

Our programs are priced competitively in the knowledge of the financial burdens on modern families. For information about fees, government subsidies and rebates available to you, please contact us.


“Anna is so accepting of our routines and believes in giving kids a home away from home. Her relationship with her staff makes them deliver to their best ability.”

Nidhi Raj -


“We absolutely love My Story! We feel so fortunate to have our son cared for and educated by Anna, Chloe and the team there.”

Sarah -