My Story
Experiential Early Learning

Our Preschool 1 Room

Our Preschool (1) educators aim to encourage each child’s confidence. At My Story we love hearing our children say “I can do it “or “Let me do it”! We believe it is important to unlock children’s potential, allowing them to feel like they can achieve and succeed!

Our 3-4 year olds are constantly supported to achieve new milestones and attempt new challenges. Our educators consistently work at adapting the program so that it suits the needs, interest and abilities of each child.

Our Preschool (1) program promotes competency in key learning areas (construction, language, literacy, maths, science, socio-emotional etc.) through play and fun. This learning philosophy motivates, encourages and serves to develop each child’s potential fully,at a developmental age when ‘Yes! Ok!’ isn’t always the answer you get! The activities are planned to encourage creativity, imagination, investigation and wonderment.

Some of the amazing experiences that our Preschool (1) children engage in, are:

  • Dramatic play which assists in building children’s confidence;
  • Learning techniques and strategies that assist children in dealing with different emotions in a positive way;
  • Engaging in group times to encourage children’s attention span and learning new concepts;
  • News sharing time which allows children to share information about the things that are valuable to them and also encourages confidence when speaking in front of an audience;
  • Constructing with a variety of materials that assists children in developing their cognitive and motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem solving and teamwork skills.
  • Cooking experiences and science experiments.
  • Gardening and sustainability projects. We encourage all our children on a daily basis to care for our environment and to see the importance of a sustainable future.

Throughout the day our Preschool (1) children are given the opportunity to share play spaces with the older pre-schoolers, where they can observe play and engage in activities alongside their older peers. We strongly believe that children learn from each other (zone of proximal development) and that peer interaction is extremely important for a child’s development.

“A sense of identity and capability”