My Story
Experiential Early Learning

Our Preschool

At My Story, our Preschool Program runs within the Long Daycare model so that our families aren’t inconvenienced by the limitations of standalone Preschools.

Our Preschool Early Childhood teacher/Educational Leader is passionate about giving each child the opportunity to reach their potential and have a smooth transition into Kindergarten. She is constantly reflecting on practice and researching new theory in order to provide a unique, high quality school readiness program at our centre which supports the Early Years Learning Framework and the NSW Early Stage 1 Syllabus.

At My Story we have developed our own unique delivery of the Syllabus through our ‘Feed the Spark’ framework. Our framework complements and supplements the State requirements so that our Preschoolers have the best head start available in the year before school. Our framework focusses on the Family unit, Educational Environment, Disposition, Skills, Physical development, Adjustment, Rules and Knowledge…


Learning, education and well-being are the result of successful partnerships. At My Story, we believe in drawing on the strength of a child’s fundamental bond with family – supplementing it and complementing it with the sort of caring and professional relationships that give children increasing confidence in “team” support. Having the “team” ready is critical.

Educational Environment

Childhood progress and development can only take place in an attentive and intelligent educational environment – one based on informed, professional observation as well as empathetic understanding of the individual learner. Beyond this, at My Story, we are committed to clear and timely communication of information about the readiness and of your child to step into a specific Educational Environment.


We believe it is the natural disposition of all children to want to learn and to broaden their horizons but we also believe in the establishment of a safe and affirming framework within which this exploration can occur. Fostering a positive and excited attitude towards the school transition provides fertile ground for success in the year ahead.


A very specific, measurable and observable skill set needs to be mastered before transitioning into Kindergarten. At My Story, we inculcate practices of learning that result in transferrable strategies and problem-solving routines children will call upon again and again as they progress academically.


Kinesthetic,exploratory experience literally embodies what the mind abstractly apprehends and reinforces important milestones in learning. A solid foundation of physical health, wellbeing and strength sets children up for success in the classroom and in the playground.


The growing sophistication and complexity of a child’s social and emotional repertoire demands the right tools for coping, caring, problem-solving and leadership. Learning about the dynamics of group interaction, becoming aware of the needs of others and helping to achieve positive personal and collective outcomes is all about helping the learner to take increasing responsibility for themselves and the welfare of the group.


Growing confidence in negotiating increasingly complex social situations is in part predicated upon learning how to anticipate and accommodate the rules that govern any organisational system. At My Story, we believe in positively reinforcing each child’s ability to remember and respond to the expectations of our learning community, and to anticipate the expectations of the learning community they will transition to next.


At My Story, we believe it is the birthright of all children to be introduced to the “valued knowledge” that has helped construct the culture within which they live and work. There is a body of knowledge that is indispensible for intellectual growth and development in the year of Kindergarten.


“BECOMING a lifelong learner”