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Experiential Early Learning

Our Toddler Room

Our Toddlers are exploring constantly! The Toddler educators believe that each child’s interest, family experiences, culture and learning needs are the foundation of the program.

At our centre our toddlers are placed in small groups, allowing educators to form strong connections with each child.

Our Toddler educators often engage the children in ‘morning meetings’ where children are given the opportunity to express what they would like included in the program. Our service members believe that each child’s VOICE should be heard!

Some of the experiences that our Toddler children engage in throughout the day could include:

  • Gardening projects and learning about the importance of looking after our natural world;
  • Sensory play and art experiences which stem from children’s interests;
  • Gross motor play which includes the practice of a variety of fundamental movement skills;
  • Group projects that have come from the ideas of a child/family member;
  • Meaningful experiences that encourage children to practice fine motor development;
  • Learning about ways that we can care, share, collaborate and use our emotions in a positive way;
  • Positive support and encouragement while children are experiencing new routines and transitions (e.g. supporting children when they are toilet training; collaborating with families to support transitions that are occurring within the home environment etc);
  • Supporting and encouraging the curiosity that shines through each 2-year-old child;
  • Making each child feel important and special!

“Embracing the joy of BEING”