Preschool Program Collaboration

Anna and I really think we are getting a ‘feel’ for the community now; making lots of connections with small businesses and young families. We’ve identified an ongoing confusion some families have regarding ‘Preschool’ vs ‘Long Daycare with a Preschool program’. Obviously we think we have the edge here! All the advantages of a Preschool without the inconvenient hours and having to pack a lunch! We are a little biased of course…

We are starting a suite of projects focusing on clearing up this confusion in the community and clearly articulating our service.

You may notice some marketing/displays reflecting this project.

We are also building a clear ‘My School Preschool’ framework that is informed and underpinned by the NSW curriculum. This is a collaborative process between Anna and I, our Educational Leader /Preschool Teacher (Narges) and all educators at the Centre. Please let me know if you have any ideas regarding school readiness and transition to school and we will try to incorporate them.

What Next: Display and implementation of the My Story Preschool Framework

Quality Area 1.1, 7.1

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