Reconciliation Action Plan

A casual chat in the staff room about the different cultures and experiences the educators and staff bring to this service has led us to reflect on our understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture. On reflection, we all felt like we should be more knowledgeable about our indigenous cultures, and specifically those of our local land. To kick start a larger piece of improvement work around cultures, difference and inclusion we have started a Reconciliation Action Plan. As we navigate this process we will share updates with you, and ask for feedback from families and educators. If you are part of our community and either identify as Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander, or you have some knowledge you could share with us, please get in touch.

What Next: Develop a comprehensive RAP and share with families/community

Quality Area: 6.2.2

  1. Very excited to have added some Actions to the plan, along with inviting all of our educators. We will be introducing the RAP at the next staff meeting (28th/4) and using the opportunity to develop a vision together.

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