Relationships with Children

Our educators participated on an intensive ‘theory into practice’ professional development session on the weekend aimed at further extending our knowledge around child attachment theory. We discussed our ‘image of the child’, the various relevant theorists, self/co-regulation, interrelation of peers/educators/children and we tried to articulate our wishes for the socio-emotional development of the children at My Story. The educators have devised their own ‘Quality Area 5 mini-QIP’ to support excellence in this area (Quality Area 5).

Included in the plans are…

Reflection on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Creating resources to assist children in emotional expression

Planned, consistent and supportive transitions for children

Encouragement of learning through play

Regular professional development opportunities for educators

Review and reflect on our current behaviour management and self-regulation policy

Develop a comprehensive, constructive Strategic Inclusion Plan to assist all children to express emotions pro-socially

Develop a plan for educator self-care to support us during challenging behaviours

We look forward to attending to our ‘Quality Area 5 mini-QIP’ over the coming 6 months, with a review during our October quarterly professional development day.

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