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Anna Tran

If someone told me twenty years ago that I’d be teaching young children and managing an education and care service, I would have said, “You need to clean that crystal ball!“.

Back then I was working for one of the four major banks as a personal lending officer. There was no sign of  studying until after 8 years with the bank, and having my second child. At this point, I decided that it was time for a career change but the question was, what was I good at, and how could I give back to the community.

What eventually influenced my decision to study in Early Childhood Education was from my own experience of early transitions to new environments.  I arrived in Australia from Vietnam when I was 5 years old.  I remember this was a very exciting but also terrifying time in my life. A child integrating into a new country is very much like a child transitioning to a new education and care service. There were new, faces, rules, food, and even how different people dressed.  Change is hard and even more so when you are away from your family. It is for this reason, that I am fortunate to be working with Chloe in a role that supports young children through their very first experiences of change and to create spaces where children feel a sense of belonging and community.

Fast forward to today, I have four children, James 22, Emma 12, Cohen 3 and Ruben 1 years old. I know what your thinking … huge gaps! Also not forgetting my fabulous husband Will, who has a great love for gardening and is very excited to inspire our outdoor spaces. We can’t wait for the opportunity to meet all the children and families and to share this journey with you.

With a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in the Workplace and several leadership roles in the Education and Care sector, I think I might need to ask that crystal ball another question!