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Chloe Chant

I didn’t come to ECEC until after my second daughter, Sophie, was born. Previously I had worked as an event planner, and as the National Education Coordinator for the Tax Institute. It was only after a few months at home with this beautiful little baby that I realised that my skills and attributes all coalesced in a way perfect for a career in Early Learning.

I studied at TAFE while at home with Sophie, gained my Certificate and Diploma and went on to work for a large ECEC company for several years. I worked as Educational Leader, a role focussed on providing mentoring, innovation and inspiration to educators to improve their curriculum provision. I worked alongside Anna and we came to understand we had a similar ambition – to have the autonomy to be able to provide high quality early learning experiences to children that are reflective of, and responsive to, the latest research. Pretty soon we were able to see that the huge bureaucracy of large companies makes it very difficult to catch hold of these opportunities and neither of us felt like ‘missing the boat’. So, we began on our journey of creating an early learning service that provides genuine and authentic learning suitable for the world we live in and the children for whom we care.

On a personal note, I am the mother of my 5yo daughter, Sophie, and my 12yo stepdaughter, Alex. I understand the unique (but not uncommon) challenges of brining up children between households, and negotiating the roles of both parent and stepparent.
I am originally from Adelaide and so all my extended family still live in SA. I miss the support my Mum and Dad, brother and sister could have offered me while bringing up my children. Although they are always at the other end of the phone/skype call, I would love to be able to pop round for a cup of tea (or wine!), or enjoy a spontaneous night out with my husband Rick without worrying about finding baby sitting!