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Lisa Saliba

It’s quite simple really, I adore children! Since graduating high school  in 1995, I started working for the Department of Community Services, as a Residential Carers Assistant. I was responsible for the day-to-day care of children with physical and intellectual disabilities. Years later I stated working at Kindalin Early Learning, as an educator and a support worker for a special needs child – I found this both challenging and rewarding. Over the following 3 years I worked in Long daycare and gained my  Certificate 3 in Children’s Services. I was also very fortunate to have the experience of being room leader one day a week. I met Chloe while she completed her own work placement at my Centre. I was pleased to meet her again when I applied to work at My Story, just around the corner from my home. I am forever grateful. I’m also a CTC Therapist, Reiki Therapist, and a Massage Therapist. Our thoughts, beliefs, & emotions have a huge impact on our health & our ability to heal. With a positive and encouraging environment, like “My Story” the children will feel happy and empowered.