We’re Going On A Bear Hunt…

Part of the reason we chose to buy this centre was it’s beautiful setting in the bush, with a creek just behind the back fence. It’s important to us that children are given the opportunity to engage in the natural environment in an immersive ‘hands on’ way.

After listening to the children’s excitement in a pretend ‘bear hunt’ game, Miss Narges suggested to us that the preschool children have regular excursions ‘behind’ the fence. After completing all the relevant risk assessments/permissions Chloe and Narges took a small group on intrepid adventurers into the bushland. We noticed ants, turtles, lizards, a yabby, small fish and various flora. The children were so excited, but did manage to calm themselves for a brief mediation session sitting on the rocks listening to the birdsong.

What Next: We would like to increase the children’s access to the natural world through excursions and incursions.


Quality Area: 1.1.2, 2.2.2

  1. This week we have started our regular (weekly) excursions into the creek area!

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